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Finding and choosing one of the best crypto exchanges is something that newbie users struggle with. Since trading with crypto is not child’s play, therefore, you should be highly concerned about choosing an exchange that best fits your trading needs.

Especially, if you are a beginner, and you haven’t heard a lot about crypto trading, it becomes a difficult task for you to pick out the best exchange from a plethora of available exchanges.

But, your struggle does not end after making the choice for the exchange. It literally ends when you sign up and get into your account to start trading.

Thus, in this article, we’ll be talking about a crypto exchange that is highly popular due to its excellent services i.e. Kucóin
. Apart from this, we will be taking the discussion forward with discussing the Kucóin lógin and sign-up process.

So, let’s begin.

What is Kucóin.com?

Kucóin is an extremely useful and a very excellent crypto exchange that allows the users who sign up on this exchange to invest in a wide range of assets and services. This exchange comes with a low trading fee, gives high liquidity, and those who are concerned about their privacy should definitely try creating their own Kucóin lógin account to start trading.

Some exclusive features of Kucóin

Now, the question is why users should choose this exchange despite the availability of a lot of crypto exchanges. We’ll try to figure that out by going through the steps that are discussed below:

  • The first useful thing that you need to consider here is that this exchange allows you to sell and buy crypto without undergoing a troublesome process which means trading through your Kucóin lógin account is extremely simple.
  • On this exchange, you cannot just trade with crypto but also enjoy the storage services that it provides to you.
  • The best thing about this exchange is that you can use it through its app as well as the mobile website which means it shows high compatibility with the desktop and mobile devices.
  • In addition to this, you can also invest in its native cryptocurrency which promisingly gives you great rewards. Moreover, you do not have to pay any trading fee to buy this crypto.
  • The users who do not wish to go through the extensive verification process can also use this exchange by just sharing their email addresses and some other basic details.
  • To avail yourself of all the benefits mentioned above, it’s time that you learn how to set up your own Kucóin lógin details. To learn that, go through the section given right below.

How to set up a Kucóin account?

To open the sign-up page, visit https://www.Kucóin.com/ucenter/signup.Enter your phone number to receive the code

  • Provide the verification code and set the lógin password
  • If you have a referral code, enter it in the available space
  • Select the checkbox for the “Terms of Use” agreement
  • Tap on the “Sign Up” button to set up your Kucóin account

Note: If you wish to sign up by just using your email address, then you can tap on the “Email” tab that is present on the top part of the sign-up form.

The complete Kucóin lógin process

To log in to your account using your Kucóin lógin details, follow the steps that are listed below:

  1. At first, you need to visit the lógin page- https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signin
  2. On the page, you are taken to, choose the preferred lógin option
  3. Choose among Mobile, Email, or the QR Code option
  4. Enter your email address or phone number
  5. Then, enter your account lógin password
  6. If you choose the QR Code scanning option, open the Kucóin app first
  7. Now, scan the displayed QR Code using the Kucóin  app
  8. And, you’ll be logged in to your Kucóin account

How do you reset your Kucóin lógin password?

If you ever forget the password of your Kucóin lógin account, you can follow the steps that are listed below and learn how quickly you can reset the lógin password:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is land on the official website of Kucóin
  2. Click on the “Log In” option on the top of the page
  3. Here, you need to select the “forgot password?” option just below the “Log In” button
  4. Choose one of the identity verification methods- Email or Phone
  5. Enter the respective details and click “Send Code”
  6. Now, enter the verification code and click “Submit”

Is it safe to use Kucóin for trading?

Although Kucóin allows unverified customers to trade on its exchange, it still is considered a highly safe cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange uses extensive security measures to make sure that your cryptos are not compromised. The world-class encryption technology it uses and the authentication level with which you can access your account are highly secure. Thus, you do not need to worry about losing your cryptos. However, your account is only secure until you willingly share your Kucóin lógin details.


Using Kucóin exchange is extremely feasible for those users who do not wish to share their personal information on any web-based portal. Therefore, if you are also looking for an exchange on which you can get started only by sharing your email address or phone number then this exchange has got you covered. Just create your account and you’ll land into the world of possibilities.